All have Sinned

All have Sinned

All  have Sinned

“Playboy magazine has run a photo shoot featuring Jesus Christ among topless models in it’s Potuguese edition. The spread was ostensibly a tribute to Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago’s The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but Hugh Hefner’s headquarters have reacted with outrage. The pictures show a long-haired, glowing Jesus watching two models in a lesbian clinch”.

1.  Playboy makes my grief Stronger than my joy jesus,our strength Father of life To whom our life we owe Playboy news is false alas,I know not why The ignorant defame the Prince of Peace Everything has been reflected upon Except how to live To clear the dread, the absurd, the alienation- The frozen sea within us- One cataclysmic moment we need. We need to see our Pilot In the midst of postmodern blasphemy Irreverence about sacred Son of God
Only by prayer Find your true self True identity Marijuana nor lycerjic acid nor Playboy Nor morning draughts of wine Only with bowing before God’s altars The lamb and the lion shall lie together
Come, let us lit a candle Outside our home Offering prayers for peace True. There is man slaughter Terrible blood bath Pile of corpses six feet hgh in Rwanda How desperately to thee I call, Jesus Virtue is better than vengeance Being awak’d I have to gain Faith and Hope, O troubl’d heart! To be born again As an an angel drops down from the heaven Warning the ignorant mortals against Playboy’s sensual Folly and intemperance.
God-fearing people Enjoy confidence of other flocks and never trust Playboy’s  false rumours about Jesus How will this be done Weep with those who weep Rejoice with those who rejoice Never be weary in well-doing In season and out of season Day or night Keep the wolf of blasphemy far from The Believers O sweet Jesus!

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Santosh Kumar (b. 1946) is a poet, short-story writer and an editor from UP India; DPhil in English; Editor of Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium Journals; several awards; member of World Poets Society (W.P.S.); member of World Haiku Associa

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