‘All My Children’ Cancelled: ABC Sets End Date for September

It truly is ending. To the shock of All My Children fans everywhere, ABC has set the series’ official end date. No more Pine Valley or Erica Kane. The entire story will end in just a few short months.

'All My Chidren' Cancelled: ABC Sets End Date for SeptemberThe final episode of All My Children will air on Friday, September 23. Isn’t this just unbelievable? After 40 years ABC will ditch the daytime show.

According to the network, AMC will “end in a manner that respects the show’s legacy and honors its history.” Just how will that be? It is tough to know for sure, but the word is out that several people who have been “dead” for years will return to the show, which shouldn’t be surprising given the show’s history bringing back beloved characters from the grave.

Among those who are returning to All My Children are Carol Burnett, Eva La Rue, Josh Duhamel, Thorsten Kaye and Cady McClain. Do you think that Pine Valley will end up with a Greenlee and Leo reunion? Most fans certainly hope so. Also, fans hope to see Tad and Dixie get back together.

Do you have any hopes or expectations of the show’s finale?

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