All My Children – Erica Kane Digs Up Caleb Cooney’s Past

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While it seemed at first that the mysterious mountain man who saved Erica Kane was just going to be there throughout that storyline on All My Children, it’s now clear he’s there to stay for awhile. First he ends up being named in Palmer Cortlandt’s will, and now oddly enough Erica just can’t seem to stay away from him. Wednesday we got to the bottom of it all as Erica Kane Dug Up Caleb Cooney’s Past.

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Erica looked up Caleb online and found out he was an attorney. Apparently she has a thing for attorneys.  He was a hotshot attorney who attended Stanford Law, but he gave it all away and ended up in the mountains living alone, as far away from that old life as possible.

Arriving at Wildwind, which Palmer had bought just before he died, seemingly just for new nephew Caleb to live in, Erica demanded answers from Caleb.  It’s true. That’s who he was. She demanded to know why he left that life and ran away. She had a feeling it had to do with a woman, the same one he talked about losing in a more tender moment with Erica while she was stranded with him on the mountain.

Caleb revealed more of his connection and secret to Erica. There was indeed a woman, Sondra, an ex of Adam Chandler’s. That’s behind his disdain for the family. Adam was a client of Caleb’s, and while he was out earning him more millions, Adam left with Sonya and left Caleb “holding the bag.” The firm fired him. He lost his woman and job and tried to burn down Adam’s house. He said he can’t get her back now, because she’s dead, but never revealed how or why.

This isn’t the end of it. While Caleb revealed a big chunk of a huge secret, there has to be more. And just where does Sonya fit in in Adam’s long list of women? Let’s not forget he was once another of Erica’s husbands. Is that why she can’t stay away from him? Did this all have to do with some point in her life with Adam?

I hope there’s something like that that keeps drawing Erica to Caleb, as I don’t really like the idea of them being together romantically. I like to think she’s drawn to him because of something in their past that connects them.

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