All Natural Skin Care Recipes Bring Out Your Natural Beauty

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Many companies offer natural skin care lines made from all natural skin care recipes.  These products generally don't contain artificial dyes, oils, waxes or animal by products which can clog pores and cause blemishes.


Natural skin care products and natural cosmetics use all natural skin care recipes using essential oils and herbs in place of pore clogging oils.  They are formulated by skin type and products are available for dry skin, oily skin and anti blemish varieties.  Before making any purchases, determine your skin type.  Choose products that are formulated for your skin type and use all natural skin care recipes. Be sure to check the list of ingredients carefully before using if you have allergies to nuts, honey or any other food product. 


You can make your own natural skin care products at home.  Using items you may already have in your kitchen, you can create face masks and lotions.  Preparing your own products is inexpensive, but requires more time in preparation.



Egg yolks are an excellent natural moisturizer, which is why they are often used in natural skin care products.  Mix an egg yolk with a teaspoon each of honey and plain yogurt for a moisturizing facial mask.  Mix well and apply to a clean face.  Rinse off after about ten minutes. 




A natural skin care facial scrub can be made from egg whites.  Beat an egg white and add a teaspoon each of honey and glycerin.  Stir in fine oatmeal.  Oatmeal is soothing for itchiness caused by dry skin. Be sure to rinse skin thoroughly after use.


Bananas are another excellent ingredient for natural skin care.  Dry skin benefits from the use of mashed bananas.  Mash a banana and apply to the face.  Leave on for about ten minutes and rinse thoroughly. 





Homemade natural skin care products have benefits for people with oily skin, too. A toner can be made using cider vinegar and water in a ratio of two parts cider vinegar to one part water.  Strawberries or tomatoes can be crushed and applied to oily skin and rinsed.  The natural acids in these fruits break down the oil in the pores.


Honey is a natural antioxidant.  Natural skin care products made with honey offer protection from aging and the harmful effects of sun exposure.   Salt water applied and followed with a dab of honey can dry out blemishes, while still keeping skin soft. A mixture of coconut milk and honey has antiseptic qualities that will dry out blemishes without drying your skin.





Whatever your skin type, natural skin care can be used without clogging pores.  Once your pores are clear, keep them that way by using natural cosmetics.  Several cosmetics companies have natural cosmetic lines with products free from pore clogging oils.

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