Alleged Chris Brown Gay Tweets Hit the Web

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Tweets that show that Chris Brown had a gay relationship with another man have surfaced on the web. But are they the real deal?

It’s probably a good thing Chris’ ex Rihanna is hogging the headlines with her behavior — RiRi has done an excellent job creating hype for her new album by offending a Christian farmer with her topless bod and starring in a music video with her ex’s lookalike. Since everyone is so focused on what she’s been up to, they’re kind of missing the alleged leaked tweets sweeping the web that purportedly show evidence of a gay relationship between Chris Brown and R&B singer Martyn.

The tweets are supposed screencaps taken from Martyn’s Twitter account by his former assistant, and they’re suspiciously juicy. The Superficial has transcribed some of the tweets, which show Chris sending Martyn direct messages like this: “Just cuz we messed around a few times dont mean u shouldnt respect a n***a. Am the s**t hence F.A.M.E f**,” and, “Yeah i enjoyed when u f****d the s**t outta me n***a but thats only in the moment, only a stupid n***a would reject an opportunity like that.”

Chris-Brown-Will-Smith-Justin-Bieber-Never-Say-Never-PremiereMartyn replied with this tweet: “I ain’t gay bro am bi..and proud like fergie, nicki and Jessie j. U the one hiding. What I do n with whom is my business.”

The tweets are making it look extremely obvious that Chris Brown and Martyn had some kind of gay relationship in the past, which also makes it seem that they’re likely faked. After all, wouldn’t a guy who wants to hide such a liaison try to put it in his past completely by attempting to ignore the man that it went down with? Chris also says that Martyn hooked up with Trey Songz in the tweets.

Chris will probably come out swinging against all these allegations soon, and it’s unlikely that they’ll damage his rep (if a guy can hit a woman and still be extremely successful afterwards, there’s no way that gay rumors will bring him down).

But what’s really sad here is the way being gay continues to be used as a negative insult in the entertainment industry. The Game recently tried to bring 50 Cent down by accusing him of liking men, and if the above tweets were faked, someone obviously thought branding Brown as being gay would make him look bad.

It’s not right that being gay is portrayed in such a negative light, and because of this, there probably are plenty of famous musicians who feel the need to hide their sexuality for fear of being ridiculed.

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