Ally McBeal DVDs Are Finally Here!!!

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The Ally McBeal DVDs were unable to be released in the United States do to music copyright issues, but now those issues have been resolved and the COMPLETE SERIES is finally here!  I was quite young when Ally McBeal was on TV, however, I remember my mother watching it and telling me what a revelation it was.  Ally McBeal ran on the Fox network from 1997 to 2002.

There was a nice juxtaposition between the lawyers work and their personal lives–many times hilarious.  Remember how Ally would fall over every time she saw someone she thought was attractive, Richard Fish’s “fishisms”, and of course the dancing baby.

Despite some negative criticism from TV critics and feminists who thought Ally’s character was demeaning to women, annoying, lacked legal knowledge, and extreme emotional instability.  I might have been too young to understand the negativity, I always thought it was funny and entertaining–kind of like a corporate Sex and the City.  Maybe it was a little ahead of its time, and now the dvds will do really well.

Are you excited you can buy it on DVD?

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