Almost Famous ~ Was the Band Stillwater or Penny Lane Based on Real People?

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Almost Famous was a great movie.  After watching the movie, one might wonder, was Stillwater a real band?  Is Penny Lane real?  What’s the story behind this movie?

Well, Stillwater was never a real band.  The film is loosely based on director Cameron Crowe’s experiences as a young reporter for Rolling Stone.  The actual group that Crowe toured with was the Allman Brothers Band.  Crowe’s real-life near-fatal plane crash happened while he was traveling with The Who, according to IMDb.  You know the huddle shown before the concert in the movie?  That actually happened to Crowe, but the band pulling him into the huddle was Pearl Jam.

The actors who played as the members of Stillwater had to practice for four hours a day, five days a week for 6 weeks to look like “real” musicians.  One of the “real” musicians behind the music of Stillwater in the movie was Pearl Jam guitarist, Mike McCready.

Penny Lane was “loosely based” on a real individual.  According to Cameron Crowe, the real Penny Lane is real-life friend Pennie Trumble, who actually goes by the name “Pennie Lane”. 

There are a lot of other neat factoids about this movie that you can read at IMDb, here.


Here’s the trailer from Almost Famous

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