Almost Naked Lady Gaga Stops Traffic in New York- What Happened Next?

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An almost naked Lady Gaga stopped traffic in New York. Well, Gaga stopped traffic with the help of New York police. The always crazy and often almost naked Lady Gaga was filming footage for her new television special. The filming was taking place on the streets of New York.

Leave it to Lady Gaga to decide to parade down the streets of New York barely dressed in order to draw attention to herself. For the most part, Gaga is an excellent marketer and public entertainer rather than an excellent singer. DonÂ’t you agree?

Lady Gaga drew so much publicity with her leather jacket tights that throngs of people came to the filming. The television cameras were stalking her as she walked the streets of New York, which ultimately drew too much attention. New York authorities were forced to police the area after they were called to the scene of the mobs.

The pop star was filming for her upcoming concert show for HBO. As she walked almost naked down the streets, her fans became frantic until they were worked up into a frenzy and became an insane mob. Police were able to take charge of the fanÂ’s commotion.

Does she have America hypnotized by her insanity? Or do people with low self esteem crave her confidence and individuality?

The frenzy took place only hours before she was going to do her Madison Square GardenÂ’s concert on February 21st. HBO will shoot the Lady Gaga concert for the two night event. Leave it to Lady Gaga to create a scene.

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Lady Gaga Lady Gaga poses backstage during MTV's Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios August 12, 2008 in New York City.

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