Along came a blider – Wednesday Writing Essential

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Along came a blider


She sat on stool

Quietly eating her crey

Little Smuffet jumped in fright

When a blider scared her away


She ran into three blice

Who ran after the fmife!

Then Mubbard threw them a bone

As her doggie rannay


It began to rain

And Smuffet began to pout

Until she saw the  blider

Fly up the water spout


She picked up a grapple

Not exactly gourmet

But knew an apple a day

Would keep the doctor away


blider (black spider)

crey (curds and whey)

Smuffet (Miss Muffet)

blice (blind mice)

fmife (farmers wife)

mubbard (Mother Hubbard)

rannay (ran away)

grapple (green apple)


Wednesday’s Prompt:

Create poetry, prose, a memoir, nonfiction, or an essay, and include at least one example of portmanteau in your post. Also, make sure one example of portmanteau finds its way into to your title.

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