Alphaline Entertainment: New Movies, Brought to You By…Sears and Kmart?

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Just in case Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy werenÂ’t enough, thereÂ’s a new movie download service on the market: Alphaline Entertainment. A joint venture of Sears and Kmart, it “lets you buy or rent newly released Hollywood hits and TV shows,” says the Sears website.

Registration is free and grants access to thousands of titles. Watch new releases on the same day they come out in stores and new TV episodes the day after they air. This online movie service also boasts a virtual locker, which allows you to store your movies and shows for easy viewing “anywhere, any time.”

According to the Alphaline Entertainment website, movie rentals and TV episodes typically start at 2.99 and 1.99, respectively. Meanwhile, you can buy DVDs for 19.95.

The service works on your PC and “is constantly being added to more and more [Internet-connected] devices.” All in all, Alphaline Entertainment certainly seems accessible, but with so many other options available, is it necessary?

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