Alternative Dog Bath

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This sounds like a lot of work.

But any time or way of bathing a dog can be messy.

Just watch out for the shake-off at the end.

Tails can pack a whallop.




Easy Dog Clean-Up Without A Bath


Over-bathing most dogs can lead to dry skin issues. To avoid this problem, use a simple four-step process in between baths.





Sprinkle baking soda into your dog’s coat and comb out thoroughly with a wire brush.




After thoroughly combing, use aloe baby wipes in a forward-then-backward motion. Dogs with long hair will require 5 or more wipes. Shorthaired dogs will take about three.


Aloe Soft care baby wipes


Brush out with soft bristle brush.




To finish, coat your hands in baby oil and run through your dog’s hair, back and forth. This simple process reduces odor and helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean.




Source: Volunteer shelter experience and dog owner

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