Am I a Harry Potter fan?

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I admit it freely.  I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan.  Sure, I cried when Dumbledore died.  Certainly I cheered when Hermione punched Draco.  What avid reader wouldn't?  However, I only own one set of the books, have not been to any of the midnight releases (of either the books or the movies), and don't plan on flying to London to see Platform 9 and ¾.

 So why, you may wonder, am I bothering to write this?  For me, there is no "biggest fan" of Harry Potter.  Everyone who reads the books or sees the movies and leaves with a love for reading or justice is truly the biggest fan.  If a child is opened to reading with The Sorcerer’s Stone, or an adult cries at Sirius’s death, then they have the right to call themselves steadfast fans.  Without the magic of Harry Potter, some of my closest friends would not be readers.  We would not permit our imaginations and hearts to be opened in such a strong and powerful manner.  As millions of people around the world open the latest installment of Harry Potter, many devoutly plan to read straight through until finished.  They know that they can trust JK Rowling to deliver the freedom of reading.  They trust the author to make the reading worthwhile.  Through this trust, a bond is developed between the readers and the plot.  From this trust, and through this love, I believe that we are all the greatest fans of Harry Potter.

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