Amanda Beard PETA Playboy Swimmer Buoys Michael Phelps

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So all of a sudden swimmer Amanda Beard (Playboy’s model in July 2007) is back in the spotlight as she states the recent trouble Michael Phelps is having is similar to her own problems when she posed for Playboy. Amanda Beard has got to be the second luckiest swimmer out there (after Michael Phelps) since she is the ONLY other swimmer I can think of. And being known by me, yeah that’s what signifies you’re the new cultural zeitgeist.

Is it me or does it seem every time Michael Phelps shows up in the cultural consciousness, Amanda Beard tries to ride his coat tails? Last I remember her, Amanda Beard was stating how they weren’t dating and Michael Phelps was “gross”. And now that Phelps is in trouble for bonggate (really, who thought that name was clever?) she’s pushing her way to the front of the crowd, again screaming for attention.

But I have a bone to pick with Amanda Beard. Playboy’s not the issue this time (or any time since I would actually like to encourage more hot chicks to take off their clothes for my viewing pleasure). No, my issue with Amanda Beard was the nude PETA ads she did. It’s the fact that these celebrities (no matter how tenuously they hold on to that title) do this crap for PETA that’s keeping these nuts in business.

And Amanda Beard is pretty much proof to me that if you’re doing work for PETA you’re in the nadir period of your career. I actually suspect in the celebrity handbook there’s a section for what to do for ladies when your career hits the skids and you need to get back into the public eye. And PETA ads top that list. To make my point, just off the top of my head I’m going to list some celebrities who have done PETA ads: Pam Anderson, Kim Kardashian (I cheated here by looking her up to see how to spell her damn name), and Alicia Silverstone.

Really, Amanda Beard, do you want to be in the same boat with these PETA nuts? No, Amanda, you’re better than this. And by "better", I’m certainly referring to your work in Playboy. I beg you Amanda Beard, get back to your roots and stop riding the Michael Phelps train.


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