Amanda Bynes Steals Justin Bieber’s Spotlight

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Justin Bieber had the spotlight stolen right out from underneath him in New York City this weekend. Was it by girlfriend Selena Gomez? No. In fact, it was a ‘retired’ celebrity who drew the attention of photogs waiting for the As Long As You Love Me singer. It was the very bizarre and often drunk in recent times Amanda Bynes.

According to a report from The Hollywood Gossip, Bynes—purportedly wanting nothing more than to be left alone by the paparazzi—is actually known for showing up in strange places and usurping the attention reserved for a far more deservJustin Bieber - The Bieberhood Fan Siteing celebrity.

This time Bynes just happened to be where throngs of photographers were Amanda Byneshanging out, awaiting the Biebs, who was in town for his 2-night Madison Square Garden shows. Feigning disdain at being ‘discovered,’ she quickly tried to hide her face with a scarf and then hailed a cab. However just seconds after the cab left, she made it pull over.

She then gave the paps a piece of her mind for ‘illegally stalking Justin Bieber.’ She then told the cabbie to take her to Bergdorf Goodman.

Is this poor girl completely nuts? She is fast being compared with Lindsay Lohan and possibly even headed for the same sad, way too early demise. If someone doesn’t get Amanda Bynes some help—and fast, too—do you think she’ll wind up yet another celebrity statistic?

It’s unknown if the Beauty and A Beat singer has any idea about the strange incident at all.

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