Amanda Knox missteps again with comment at closing of 3rd murder trial

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Amanda Knox should read up on mountain goats. They know that a misstep could be fatal for them, but she seems to keep missing how important it is for her to not misstep with her comments to the press and others as her fate is once again being decided in an Italian court.

Knox was asked by an Italian newspaper reporter what she would do if the Italian court finds her guilty again of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher, and the Washington resident told him “In that case, I will become, what do you call it? A fugitive.” The convicted murderess who was released after her appeal may not realize it but in America that’s what we call someone who has been found guilty of murder and flees justice too: a fugitive.

The Italian reporter feels she took a lighthearted approach to the question asked, and that the subject of murder is not one to take so cavalierly, and nor is the threat of running from the law. Good points and ones that show Amanda Knox continues to misstep when it comes to communication with the press, police and just about anyone else she talks to, including Matt Lauer of Today.

In her interview with Lauer back in September, Knox actually stated that when it comes to the Kercher family, she hopes that they will “give my innocence a chance” and that they will realize that she doesn’t want “to be forever separated from them,” because “Meredith is a part of my life” even though she “only knew her for a very short amount of time” and because she thinks “she’ll [Meredith] will always be there” and she wants to “be able to share that with them.”

Is she crazy or what? Those grieving people want nothing to do with her, and they keep trying to get that across to her. But the former girlfriend of Raffaelle Solliceto just refuses to hear them.

Now Knox’s PR machine is working overtime to paint a picture of a woman who meant to say something else to the Italian reporter who wanted to know her plans in the event of another guilty verdict, telling the Today show on Friday that what she said to La Repubblica was that “[If convicted] legally I’ll be defined a ‘fugitive’, but I will continue to fight for my innocence.”

The once-convicted killer of Meredith Kercher says that she “will not willingly submit” herself to “injustice,” which is what she feels it would be for a court of law to find her guilty of murder again. In America there are a lot of people convicted of murder who say it is an injustice the court found them guilty too. But that doesn’t make them any more innocent than Amanda, and it certainly doesn’t give them the right to become a fugitive. Does it?

Aw shucks, Meredith Kercher’s once-convicted killer makes a misstep with her speech again. Photo credit: The Daily


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