Amanda Seyfried Sings ‘L’il Red Riding Hood’ – Covers Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs

Amanda Seyfried’s latest film, Red Riding Hood, is coming to theaters this weekend. And guess what, she also sings in the movie! Seyfried does a creepy cool cover of Sam the Sham & The PharoahsÂ’ “LÂ’il Red Riding Hood.”

File:Amanda Seyfried at Jennifer's Body TIFF 2009.jpgUnlike the movie, the song is available for purchase now.

The actress is definitely multi-talented. Amanda Seyfried’s voice is light and feminine in “LÂ’il Red Riding Hood.” However, the song itself is anything but. Anyone familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood knows how the story goes.

Grandma gets eaten by a wolf who tries to disguise himself as her to lure Little Red Riding Hood into his trap. Of course, at the last minute the wolf fails, but Grandma is gone!

In the movie, Amanda Seyfried stars as Little Red Riding Hood. From the looks of the previews, Red Riding Hood is a very grown up film, a far cry from the children’s book. Readers, are you excited to watch the movie?

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