Amanda Zuckerman of ‘Big Brother 15′ Holds Court as McCrae, Judd, Jeremy Get Tattoos

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Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson of Big Brother 15 are still very much together, having barely spent a moment apart since the show ended. The past few days they have been with a couple of additional BB15 alums, fan favorite Judd Daugherty along with Jeremy McGuire. What were they up to Monday? It seems the guys decided they would all get somewhat matching tattoos and Amanda was documenting it all for fans.

Zuckerman shared a lot of updates via her Twitter and Instagram, as it was her honey’s first tattoo. Once all three guys had their ink finished, Amanda posted a picture of them showing them off and added the hashtag #brothers. These Big Brother 15 houseguests all got very close this summer, and fans love to see them still tight now that the show has wrapped. Over the weekend they did a welcome home event with Judd, and it seems they just are having too much fun together now to go their separate ways quite yet.

So what were the tattoos? Both Judd and McCrae got the Power of Veto symbol, while Jeremy went a slightly more creative route. He got a letter “V” on his toe, which still naturally symbolizes the veto. Fellow houseguest Andy Herren even chimed in when he saw the group writing, “UGH. I WISH I WAS THERE. I MISS EVERYONE… except McCrae. H8 him.” Of course fans know he does not hate McCrae at all, they just love to banter.

Despite√ā¬†extensive criticism throughout the season, there are a lot of McCranda fans. A lot of the folks from the show remain tight-knit, and the romance between Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson continues to flourish. Just how long will this Big Brother 15 romance last?

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