Amanda Zuckerman on McCrae Olson of ‘Big Brother 15′: ‘I’m Obsessed With Him’

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Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson of Big Brother 15 are together 24/7 these days, but it doesn’t seem to be getting old whatsoever. The two did a lot of car travel this weekend, and Amanda was busy sharing all the fun with her fans on social media. In one post, she joked about being obsessed with her man, and fans love it. 

Zuckerman posted a video on Instagram showing Olson driving and doing a bit of singing along with the radio. Amanda wrote, “He’s such a nerd and I’m obsessed with him.” While Amanda and McCrae have been spending their days recently in Florida with her family, this weekend they traveled to Knoxville to do a Big Brother 15 event with buddies Judd Daugherty and Jeremy McGuire from the show.

Though some Big Brother 15 fans thought the distance would be a problem for this relationship, that hardly seems to be the case. The two have been together almost constantly since the show wrapped, and it looks likely McCrae Olson likely will be moving to Florida to be with Amanda Zuckerman. While some may have had their doubts, so far things are looking pretty solid for McCranda and the fans who love them.

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