Amanda Zuckerman Teases McCrae Olson of ‘Big Brother 15′: Snores Like an Old Fat Man

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Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson of Big Brother 2013 have been together nearly nonstop since the show ended. This week they traveled up to Knoxville to do an event with Judd Daugherty and Jeremy McGuire, and it seems all the travel time is making Zuckerman a bit stir-crazy. Of course she shared all her thoughts on Twitter as they drove, giving fans a few laughs when it came to teasing her man.

Zuckerman tweeted a few different digs, all in the name of love, toward Olson throughout their travel back to Florida. She teased that he hadn’t shaved or showered since she’d been evicted from Big Brother 15, which some fans wouldn’t doubt all that much. McCrae wasn’t exactly known for his hygiene during the season.

Amanda also teased that considering her man is a pizza delivery boy, he drives like an old woman. Wednesday morning she posted, “I almost beat up @mccraechum last night because he was snoring like an 85 year old fat man. I woke him up like 10 times, then rolled him ovr.” 

Despite all the ribbing, McCrae Olson typically seems to just smile and roll with it. Really, that’s been their dynamic since they first got together, and it seems to work for them. Amanda Zuckerman is definitely snarky, and it is often misconstrued by people who only half follow what she posts. It may be too much for some, but she definitely has a strong contingent of Big Brother 15 fans getting a kick out of it all.

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