Amazing “Kangaroo Care Method” Saves a Preemie in Australia (Video)

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Many people associate the kangaroo with Australia, but in this story a mother employed a similar birth technique to the unique marsupials.  Months ago, a mother was able to use the “Kangaroo care method” to save her preemie baby’s life.  The Australian family recently went on CBS News to talk of their amazing story.

According to CBS News, mother Kate Ogg from Australia had given birth to twins prematurely.  At the time she was told that her son named Jamie had no vital signs.  Instead of losing hope about the situation, Kate put the baby in position against her chest using the “Kangaroo Care method.”  The preemie began to stir several minutes after Kate did so, and then within two hours he had opened his eyes, miraculously.

The Kangaroo Care method is named because of its similarity to how kangaroos carry their young.  For a human preemie involves a skin-to-skin touch between mother and baby, with the baby naked placed on the mother’s bare chest.  Generally the infant is covered with a hat and blanket next.  According to Dr. Karen Hendricks Munoz, the Chief of Neonatology from New York University Medical Center, this technique hasn’t been used a lot but is very effective.  It was first developed in Bogota back in the late 70’s.  Since 1999, the method has been endorsed and used not only to help the survival, but also for enhancing breastfeeding and the baby’s growth.  It can be mostly used in the instances of pre-term baby in underdeveloped countries. 

It’s now been five months since that and both of the twins are doing great according to the thankful parents, Kate and Jamie Ogg.  This is a great story of the human will to survive and a mother’s will to not give up on her preemie baby.  Check out the video below from CBS News about this amazing story from down under of the Ogg’s and their preemie who’s now alive thanks to the Kangaroo care method!

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