Amazing Race 14: Wheels of Cheese!

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Amazing Race 14 is underway with a breath taking "Wheels of Cheese" episode. This season opener was a real winner. Any long-standing fan of Amazing Race can tell you the Emmy-Award winning reality show had gone downhill in recent years. But, last night, producers more than made up for it with Wheels of Cheese. In fact, last night's episode of Amazing Race 14 was better than all episodes of season 13 combined.

The first destination was Locarno, Switzerland. Amazing Race 14 teams were given the choice of flying into Zurich or Milan. Not only did the Zurich flight arrive first, it arrived in the right country and the train station was right in the airport. The folks arriving in Milan had to leave the airport run to the train station. Bad move! 

The highlight of the show happened Interlaken, Switzerland. Amazing Race teams had to haul 200 pounds of cheese down a muddy, leafy, steepy hill, using a flimsy cheese carrier. 50 pound wheels of cheese and bodies are flying everywhere. The "professional" cheese movers are swilling beer and laughing their heads off at the contestants. It was both sad and funny at the same time.

I won't tell you who won or lost, in case you're waiting to watch the episode on your TiVo or DVR. I will tell you, Amazing Race 14 is off to a rip roaring start!

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