‘Amazing Race’ 2011 Recap – Non-Elimination Saves Gary and Mallory

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Sunday night was the third non-elimination round of this season of The Amazing Race. Earlier, the Cowboys and the Goth Couple had survived coming in last to the pit stop, with the teams being forced into running back-to-back legs. This week’s show ended with a non-elimination that will include the traditional 12-hour mandatory rest top, but Gary and Mallory, who came in last, will be forced to complete a “speed bump” in the next leg of the race.

entertainment,tv commentary,tv recapThe Cowboys, aka Jet and Cord, started off this leg of The Amazing Race knowing they got lucky in the last leg. They had made the mistake of not checking for earlier flights and arrived an hour after all the others in Varanasi, India. They ran an extremely quick Roadblock, allowing them to catch up to the other teams, while father and daughter team Ron and Christina struggled, and were eliminated after arriving last to the pit stop.

This week, Jet and Cord made another questionable decision. There was a flight that would be connecting in Delhi, then would be arriving in Vienna, Austria, at 5:35 AM. There was also a non-stop flight that was scheduled to arrive at 6:00 AM. The Cowboys decided to take the later flight. They knew it was a risk, yet also knew that many of the connecting flights arrived 25 to 30 minutes late. Yet, even if that flight did arrive 25 minutes late, it would be arriving at the same time as the non-stop flight. Taking a big risk is understood, but this is a risk that didn’t even have a clear payoff.

The Cowboys knew they had to run a very clean leg without any mistakes to get caught up to the others when the other flight arrived on time. They were aided in the father and daughter team of Gary and Mallory not being able to figure out the advanced technology of their Ford Focus. That kept Jet and Cord in the back of the pack, but only by a few minutes.

None of the teams had trouble finding their way to the Detour, yet some of them made the mistake of choosing the task that required them to eat a traditional Austrian meal. The problem was they didn’t just have to eat. They had to eat it while sitting in a dining car of a ferris wheel. In that 12-minute revolution of the amusement park ride, they had to finish every bite of the meal. The other task involved the manual labor of delivering the couch.

The teams that chose to do the couch originally moved ahead of the pack, and the teams that tried to eat while on the ferris wheel all failed, then had to switch to the couch-moving task … with a belly full of chocolate cake and wiener schnitzel. Gary and Mallory were the last team to arrive at the ferris wheel, then when they didn’t finish, were the last team to start the couch-delivering task. The Cowboys has smartly chosen to deliver the couch and practically ran with it, allowing them to pick up a lot of time and move in front of Gary and Mallory.

The Roadblock for this leg wasn’t difficult at all and didn’t seem to impede anyone. No one had trouble cleaning out the chimneys. They all left in much the same order they arrived at the challenge. By the time the remaining six teams landed at the pit stop for this leg of the race, Zev and Justin had moved to the front of the pack to take first place. Jet and Cord arrived in fifth place, and Gary and Mallory arrived in last place.

However, host Phil Keoghan informed the father and daughter team that it was a non-elimination leg. They are staying in the race, but in the next leg, they’ll have to perform an extra challenge, a “speed bump,” that the others won’t have to. They need to run a very clean leg to make up some time. Jet and Cord need to stop making mistakes with their flights. They do so well moving ahead of the others and picking up time, that if they stopped taking risks and just made sure to take the same flights the others take, they’d move back up to the front of the line.

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