‘Amazing Race’ Watermelon Launch Victim Claire Champlin Speaks Out

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Even if you don’t watch “Amazing Race,” you’ve probably seen the watermelon launch video. In the video from the CBS show, contestants were participating in a watermelon launch challenge. The fruit was placed in a sling-shot and launched at a suit of armor.

Of course, when you combine watermelons and sling-shots, something is bound to go wrong. And go wrong, it did. The launched watermelon came back and hit “Amazing Race” contestant Clair Champlin’s face. Take a look:

A lot of people have wondered about how Champlin is doing after the watermelon launch incident, and if she and her race partner, Brook Roberts are still speaking. After all, Roberts encouraged Champlin to keep going after having her face used as a watermelon target.

Well, there is good news for the watermelon launch victim. According to an Entertainment Tonight interview, the pair is still speaking, and Champlin actually has a pretty good sense of humor about the whole ordeal. She told ET, “Thank God it was a watermelon [and] not a pineapple.”

Indeed, that could have been quite bloody. Luckily, it wasn’t and Champlin was cleared by the CBS medics to continue with the race. And continue, she did. Champlin said, “Even though I couldn’t feel the side of my face, I knew my legs still worked… the other teams [were] coming. The pressure [was] on.”

Whether or not Champlin’s perseverance in spite of pain and humiliation paid off on the “Amazing Race” remains to be seen. But, the “Watermelon Girl’s” off-camera life seems to be progressing quite well. Since wrapping up filming, Claire Champlin has gotten married and pregnant.

Of course, it was probably wise of Champlin to get married quickly after the Watermelon Launch debacle, and before the footage made the air. Who knows if her hubby might have gotten cold feet if he knew he was marrying the “Amazing Race” watermelon girl?

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