‘Amazing Spider-Man’ After Credits Scene Has Spoilers for Sequel Movie Villain?

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Does the Amazing Spider-Man after credits scene in the new hit movie reveal potential spoilers for a sequel? If so, who will the villain be in Spider-Man 2, or will they appear in the third installment of the trilogy?

Amazing Spider-Man: The Movie PreludeThat’s right, the word “trilogy” has been used just recently in reference to the rebooted web slinger, Spidey. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as every other character from the Marvel universe who has recently appeared on screen has a trio of films in the works. They include Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man, with The Avengers likely to get two more films as well.

According to a report from HitFix.com, the official Facebook profile for the movie announced the new online saying:

“‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

HitFix goes on to comment that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will reprise their respective roles as Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Gwen Stacy for the next film. That one could release on May 2nd, 2014, joining another Avengers movie for the summer perhaps?

Back to the Amazing Spider-Man after credits scene, which contains spoilers for those who have yet to see the movie. If you are planning to go see the new Marvel film, stop reading now. Otherwise, those who saw it and may have been confused can read on, as it may help shed some light on a future villain.

The end of the Spider-Man film sees Dr. Curtis Connors being put into his cell after being arrested for his crimes as a mad scientist-turned-lizard in the film. However, while in his cell he begins hearing voices and then a figure appears who at one point asks, “Did you tell the boy the truth about his father?” The belief by most comic book fans was that this mystery man was Norman Osborn, who ultimately becomes the Hobgoblin villain. However, ComicBook.com reports from an earlier interview, that actor Rhys Ifans denied it was Osborn, saying rather it was an employee of Osborn’s. Take that for what it’s worth!

The HitFix site also has a little slideshow in which they present five villains they’d like to see in the sequel (or third film of the series). They include Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpio, and Electro, all of whom were famous in the Spiderman comic books. Several of these characters are mentioned in ComicBook.com’s article which dissects the possibilities of that after credits scene. Could one of these villains have entered the prison cell to confront Dr. Connors, or was it just a figment of Connors’ crazy imagination?

What do you think was meant by the after credits scene in The Amazing Spider-Man movie? Was that the villain for the sequel film, and if so, who do you think it was?

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