‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Spoilers Revealed by Early Screenings?

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Were any “Amazing Spider-Man” movie spoilers revealed from early press screenings? Some fans may be searching for what happens in this upcoming blockbuster superhero film reboot. Luckily, it appears they haven’t exposed any secrets yet, except for the fact they are loving it much more than the previous Spidey trilogy!

The Amazing Spiderman Poster - 2012 Movie Teaser Flyer 11 X 17 - Andrew Garfield Rhys Ifans - Chest CS 3D ImaxThe newest version of “Spider-Man” stars Emma Stone (“The Help”) and Andrew Garfield (“Facebook”), both of whom have received rave reviews for their earlier work. Now they will be united on screen in the roles of Gwen Stacey and Peter Park (Spider-Man) respectively. Their predecessors were Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire.

The website ComicBookMovie.com has a collection of initial Twitter reactions from press members who got early screenings of the new Marvel superhero film. One of them, Zoe A. Gulliksen tweeted:

“Just saw a press Screening and it blew me away. The writing and acting is above and beyond the previous trilogy. Marc Webb has given us a true spidey comic book movie.”

Early screener Whitney English tweeted as well, saying:

“Just screened the Amazing Spiderman in NYC. It was AWESOME!”

There you have it Spider-Man fans! While it’s only a few early Twitter comments, it seems they are liking this one so far. It’s good news for moviegoers who are flocking to superhero films this summer, which will likely include “The Avengers” already, and “The Dark Knight Rises” in late July.

It’s also good news for the rebooted franchise, which certainly took a beating from fans in the third and final installment. Don’t expect them to be sour on this one, which appears to have much more serious story (no Tobey Maguire dancing in the streets during his badboy phase), and a menacing villain in The Lizard. Not to mention, the “Amazing Spider-Man” will be shown in 3D.

Will you be seeing it on July 3rd when it opens in theaters?

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