Amazing UFO Orbs in Triangle Formation (Video)

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An amazing UFO video on YouTube shows lighted orbs, in a triangle pattern, revolving and hovering in the night sky to form a mysterious, silent unidentified flying object. What is it?

The video does not identify the date, time or place of the unusual sighting and has a FOX News chyron stamped on the lower left corner, implying this is raw video collected by a media outlet. There are voices on the tape discussing what is being witnessed, and they express surprise at the sight.

The object in the video behaves in an incredible way, with what looks like lights on the corner of a large airborne ship revolving, but remaining equidistant. It could mean they are navigational lights on the outside hull of a, so far, unknown to the public, military aircraft.

Can this UFO be the TR-3B?

If so, it represents an entirely new method of flight which goes well beyond what is currently known about aviation technology.

Here’s the video:

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