Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Release Date for New Tablet Expected Before Christmas 2012

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The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date is expected within the coming months. Recent reports have noted that the new tablet will be released sometime before Christmas 2012 in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush.

A report from T3 Gadget Website indicates that the company may be looking to take advantage of the same spike in orders they saw with its original Fire tablet. It had a “massive spike in sales” before December 25th, according to their article. As of this report, there are no definitive answers on specs or pricing for the new Amazon device.

Kindle Fire rumors have speculated there will be two different sizes to choose from for the new gadget, with 7 and 9-inch varieties. There’s some who believe a front and back camera will also be added to the device, something its predecessor is lacking. A newer, more robust operating system would also seem to be something they will include. The main belief here is that Amazon is looking to compete with a possible iPad Mini device which Apple will release. Of course, Apple is releasing that to compete with the likes of Amazon, and Samsung, who both offer smaller, lower-priced tablets to consumers than the current iPads.

Another speculation with the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date is that buyers in the United Kingdom could be waiting until sometime in 2013 to get their hands on the device. There was never a release of the original tablet there, so this could be a huge deal once the item arrives to their online and real world retail stores. Amazon is clearly hoping that this Kindle Fire 2 release date will create a huge demand for their new product and capture even more market share from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and others.

Do you currently own the Amazon Fire tablet? Will you be waiting to buy a Kindle Fire 2? Which specs do you most want to see on it?

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