Amazon Theft of Services: ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

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Once upon a time Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos and his company hired a nonprofit group called MusicBrainz for a very special project. Now, three years later, they’ve yet to be paid for their services.

Worse, the bilked business made repeated attempts to collect on overdue invoice #144, merely to be greeted with a let-them-eat-cake attitude from the delinquent retailer’s finance department.

So this week, according to Yahoo News, the smart folks at MusicBrainz finally used their noggins: In one last ditch effort to resolve the standoff without fisticuffs or legal action, they sent Bezos’ biggies a big fat… cake.

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The six-hundred-pound gorilla dot com already made headlines earlier this week using a somewhat similar PR ploy to garner extra attention during the busy holiday shopping season — they bogusly announced they’d soon be using Amazonian drones to deliver their customers’ purchases.

Drones would of course be the swiftest way to send important packages. So perhaps they should consider employing the same method for paying their bills on time?


Amazon cake image courtesy @MusicBrainz

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