Amber Cole Official Video is Child Pornography

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The Amber Cole official video is something that many people are searching for. However, the video, which shows the 14-year-old performing oral sex on her boyfriend, is child pornography. Even so, people still want to view it.

Amber Cole Official Video is Child PornographyThere is even a Facebook page offering the Amber Cole official video for a “like,” but it’s a scam. Over 20,000 people have clicked the “like” button. The latest details about Amber Cole is that she engaged in the sexual acts to help win back her ex-boyfriend, which is incredibly sad. Young women should not be taken advantage of in this manner. The fact that she was filmed during it makes this entire thing even more horrifying.

Another horrifying part of this Amber Cole official video is the fact that it appears to have happened on school grounds. Where are the teachers and other supervisors? What kinds of things go on a school? Child pornography is absolutely not one of the things that students should learn at school.

The good news is that reports of Amber Cole’s suicide appear to be false. There have also been unconfirmed reports of an arrest in this issue, and if so that is a good thing because child pornography is a terrible crime.

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