Amber Cole Sex Tape Campaign Dying Down

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Amber Cole is the 14-year-old student who gained worldwide popularity recently with her illegal sex tape. Her popularity isn’t of the positive type, however, and her situation has sparked a campaign that may be construed as a joke to some. Luckily it is dying down a bit.

“Leave Amber Cole Alone” isn’t a play off of the popular “Leave Britney Alone” meme coined by internet “actor,” Christ Crocker. However, it seems suspiciously familiar to the phrase that still brings some to giggles. Since the 14-year-old aspiring amateur porn star hit the scene, her presence has garnered a slew of negative attention from people bullying her to others demanding to see the technically illegal porno.

It’s about time this thing dies down. Yes, it’s a shame that so many people want to view the girl’s sex tape, and it’s disgusting because she is just 14 years old. Nonetheless, few people probably connect this with child pornography because of how famed it’s becoming. It’s kind of reminiscent of the Rob Lowe sex tape from the 1980s, when he unwittingly had sex with a 16-year-old girl. The video itself, although considered child porn at a basic definition, is more or less pop culture kitsch now. Does that make it right? Absolutely not.

Even though Amber Cole is 14 years old, this “Leave Amber Cole Alone” campaign was just drawing more attention to a bad situation; causing the young girl to remain in the spotlight after she went through what she went through. It wasn’t helping. It wasn’t drawing attention to the problem with this situation. It was only further popularizing this teenager’s stupid mistake of trying to be a “grownup” with her boyfriends.


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