Amber Heard and Ellen DeGeneres in Lesbian Love Triangle?

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Bisexual beauty Amber Heard separated Johnny Depp from his wife Vanessa Paradis, and she may have her sights set on Ellen DeGeneres.

No one should jump to conclusions about this story, because it hasn’t been confirmed by any of the people involved. Some lowlifes will sell fake stories to the tabloids just to feel important, or for a quick payday, so take it with a grain of salt.

Amber has allegedly been texting Ellen, which is driving DeGeneres’s long-time girlfriend Portia de Rossi absolutely nuts. You can completely understand Portia’s paranoia, because Amber is 13 years younger, and one of the most beautiful women on the globe. She looks like Scarlett Johansson, for goodness’ sake. What woman would want to compete with Amber Heard?

“A lot of women openly flirt with Ellen and try to hit on her, which drives Portia nuts. (Amber) suggested the two meet up for lunch or coffee, but Portia made it clear to Ellen that if they do get together, she’s gonna be there too!” an unnamed source said.

Hopefully, for her sake, Heard is only interested in DeGeneres as a friend. No one wants to be known as a home wrecker, and Hollywood is a small town where it’s easy to earn a bad reputation.


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