Amber Heard Dating Johnny Depp? Affair Discovered in ‘Flirty Texts’ by Vanessa Paradis?

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Amber Heard, 26, is reportedly dating Johnny Depp, 49, now that he’s split from Vanessa Paradis, 39. However, what fans want to know is, was there an affair between Amber and Johnny before he left his girlfriend of 14 years? This will be one of Hollywood’s great mysteries but don’t expect Johnny or Vanessa to address it. They’ve always kept their private life private. Amber, on the other hand, has been known to kiss and tell. That’s one quality which has made her even sexier to fans.

Amber Heard Mini Poster 11inx17inThe latest shocking news to come out about Depp and Paradis’ split is that she discovered “flirty texts” from Heard on his phone. The texts caused Paradis to go “absolutely ballistic” and also caused the end of her relationship. Not long before the texts were discovered, Depp had angered her by putting his arm around Heard during The Rum Diary premiere.

An insider said, “That row was the beginning of the end.”

Johnny Depp met Amber Heard when they both worked together on The Rum Diary. The film didn’t exactly pull in the big bucks. However, it seems Heard has managed to pull on Depp’s heartstrings. Unfortunately, their hot Hollywood union has left Vanessa Paradis lonely in the cold.

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