Amber Portwood in jail again?

Amber Portwood has landed in jail again for parole violations. It seems the teen mom has an anger problem. Amber Portwood was arrested because she did not complete terms of her probation.

Do you remember the “Teen Mom” star was charged for an assault against her boyfriend, Gary Shirley. It is sad that these reality shows seem to encourage and reward bad behavior. Portwood should have been thrown off the show. Now, she is 21 and in still in trouble.

Maybe if reality television shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” were held responsible for their action, these teens would not feel like they have a license to misbehave. The only thing I can say is not to allow your teen and mine to watch the show. It is not a life lesson for these kids. It is reality, but the reality of a teen is not the same as an adult.


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