Amber Portwood In Jail; Still Fighting With Gary Shirley

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Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are one of the most tumultuous couples on Teen Mom. On the show, they rarely do anything besides argue and have even gotten into physical altercations — one of which led to charges being brought against Amber.

Amber is currently sitting in an Indiana prison, but that isn’t keeping her and Gary from arguing! Last night, Gary tweeted, “Your in prison and you still find time and energy to #Argue…. Omg. (sic)” Ironically, Gary was there with Amber when she chose to turn herself in a few weeks ago. At that time, they were seen holding hands and looking rather content with one another.

Gary didn’t elaborate on why the two were arguing, but fans would assume Amber is just taking her aggressions out on him. She has just began her five-year sentence so she’s surely not a very happy camper. Don’t take it personal, Gary.

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