Amber Portwood in Prison: Gary Shirley Reveals If Leah Will Ever Visit Her Mom

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On Tuesday night, Dr. Drew sat down with Amber Portwood to talk to her about how her life has changed since going to prison. The Teen Mom revealed that, while she is doing well behind bars, she has not yet been able to visit with her daughter. Amber claims that Gary Shirley is simply trying to protect their 3-year-old daughter, but is still hurt by it. On Wednesday, MTV released a video of Gary telling his side of the story.

Obviously, he took a lot of heat from fans who couldn’t believe he has not yet let his daughter visit her mother. However, he explained that he spoke with Dr. Drew about his feelings and now realizes that it is best for Leah to see her mother, despite the circumstances. In fact, he plans on taking her to see Amber very soon!

Now that he is taking her to the prison for visitation, it is likely he will have to come clean about where her mommy really is. Lately, Gary Shirley has been struggling with how to tell the 3-year-old about prison and typically tells her that she is on vacation (or shooting a movie in Hollywood).

Surely, it will be shocking for Leah to see Amber in prison, but lying to her is not making it better. Eventually, she is going to find out and it seems that it is best to try and explain it to her now rather than wait until she is older.

On the Teen Mom special, Amber Portwood revealed that, despite all of the hard times that she and Gary have been through on camera, she would do the show again. Gary actually agrees and feel that their story can help other people. While some of the girls seem to live a charmed life all for getting pregnant at 16 years old, Gary and Amber epitomize how bad things can actually get.

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