Amber Portwood: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Really This Dumb?

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Is ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood really dumb enough to skip a drug test? According to sources, she is dumb enough and is now facing more jail time for ignoring her own plea deal.

That’s right, according to the tabloid site TMZ, Amber Portwood skipped a required urine sample. Nothing says contempt of court like ignoring the plea deal that kept the young Ms. Portwood out of jail in the first place. No judge in their right mind is going to turn a blind eye to this.

It was simple; all Amber had to do is pee in a cup and turn in her sample…on time. That was the deal. Go to a drug program and subject herself to routine testing. Of course, when the halfway home that one applies to denies entry, there is hardly any hope that one can stick to a strict regimen.

It isn’t as if Amber is the most mature person who writes things down on a calendar. One would think something like a drug test to help her stay out of jail would be sort of important.

So will, Amber Portwood end up back in jail because she chose to ignore a judge’s orders? Possibly! Sadly, this girl has no real direction in helping turn her own life around, at all.

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