Amber Portwood Not Allowed Fan Mail in Prison

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Amber Portwood will be spending the next five years in prison, but fans will always remember her as the girl that they met on 16 & Pregnant. Unfortunately, it looks like the next few years will be lonely for the Teen Mom who won’t be allowed any visitation during the first few weeks while undergoing evaluation. Not only that, but it was recently revealed that she will not be allowed to receive fan mail either!

It seems odd that the reality show star won’t be allowed to receive fan mail, especially since some of the most notorious criminals in history (like Charles Manson) are allowed to receive letters from strangers. However, it is unclear if this is due to the prison’s rules or a wish of Amber Portwood’s.

Not too surprising, Gary Shirley (who wants the world to know that he is not on food stamps), is the one who revealed the information. He doesn’t seem to mind keeping the Twitter world updated with her progress, either. Since the two seem to be on okay terms, does that mean that there is hope for a reconciliation? Fans shouldn’t hold their breath on this one.

Gary revealed, “Amber and I aren’t together. She’s in prison. Just spoke with her [for the] first time in a couple weeks. It’s civil, and she’s very much loved.” Obviously, the two will always share a bond through their daughter Leah and hopefully they can continue to work through their differences over the next few years so that they can get along better for Leah.

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