Amber Portwood Prison Details Released: Will She Get To See Leah?

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By now, fans of Teen Mom know that one of the originals is back behind bars, just days before the season première of the final season of the show. On Tuesday, Amber Portwood was sent back to prison, sentenced to the original five-year term. While her lawyer attempted to get the time lowered, the efforts were futile.

Of course, the hardest part of this is the fact that Amber has a daughter and, while Gary Shirley is a great father, little Leah still needs her mother. The always awesome website The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has obtained details regarding Amber’s upcoming stay in prison including how often Amber will get to see her daughter.

According to the site, Amber is allowed visitors only once a week and for only a mere thirty minutes. Though Leah is incredibly young, she is permitted to visit her mother at the prison. However, while there, she will have to see her mother through a glass window, unable to have any physical contact with her.

Although she has made her mistakes, Amber has fans that have rooted for her from the beginning. It is extremely sad that she will not be able to have more time with her daughter, but it is certainly better than nothing. Hopefully her time behind bars will help her to kick her addiction to Suboxone once and for all.

If she is behind bars for the entire five years, Leah will be pushing nine years old when her mother gets out. That is an immense amount of lost time for the mother and daughter, but if this is what Amber needs to get her life back on track and the best mother that she can be to Leah, then so be it.

What do you think about the stipulations of Amber Portwood’s prison sentence?

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