Amber Portwood Prison Update

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While fans are busy watching the Teen Mom reunion special, Amber Portwood is sitting in an Indiana prison cell. While viewers will get an outdated update on her this Tuesday via Gary Shirley, fans wonder how she is doing now.

Over the weekend, Gary updated fans via Twitter, telling them, “Amber says thanks 4 all the letter they help her more than u know. She apologizes 4 not being able 2 write back every 1 They really help her.”

Now more than ever, Amber needs the support of her fans and it looks like she is getting it. It is such a shame that things ended up for her the way they did, especially since she appeared to be getting her life back on track at the end of the Teen Mom season. Not only was she dating again (much to Gary’s dismay), but she had signed over her parental rights as a way to spend more time with her daughter. While that may not make sense to some, there was an order that minimized contact between Gary and Amber which made things hard. However, the two found a way to beat the system and make things go in their favor for once.

Even though she is getting a ton of support from her fans, she is also reportedly suffering from an illness that could potentially be life threatening. Ok! Magazine originally reported that an oral infection had caused Amber Portwood to be in excruciating pain and deterred her from eating. The worst part, though, was reportedly the fact that the prison was making the Teen Mom wait six weeks before receiving treatment. The magazine allegedly got their information from Amber’s brother, Shawn. Hopefully the prison expedites her treatment before her condition worsens.

Be sure to check out part two of the Teen Mom reunion special this Tuesday on MTV.

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