Amber Portwood Says “It’s Hard Having A Child With An A**hole”

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Amber Portwood is certainly a handful and on last night’s series finale of Teen Mom, fans saw that even though it’s been three years since they first met her, she hasn’t changed much. If anything, she’s gotten even worse and her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley is caught in the crossfire.

During dinner with her new boyfriend, Amber laid in to the father of her three-year-old daughter Leah, telling Mike, “It’s hard having a kid, especially with an a**hole.” Despite her harsh words, Gary currently has custody of Leah and is doing an amazing job being a single parent while she’s serving a five-year prison sentence.

Also during the last episode, Amber and Gary engaged in a heated phone debate after Amber revealed that she no longer was on board with signing her parental rights over to him. After he appeared jealous of her new relationship, she feared he’d keep Leah from her as a form of punishment.

It’s a shame that these two couldn’t make their relationship worse. It seemed like the harder one tried to mend things, the more the other pushed away. Whenever one of them wanted to reconcile, the other didn’t. They were never on the same page.

The Teen Mom reunion special airs this Tuesday night. Because of her legal problems, Amber Portwood was unable to attend.

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