Amber Portwood: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Being Replaced In Leah’s Life?

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Amber Portwood is currently behind bars, but while she is away, Gary Shirley isn’t waiting around for his baby mama. At least, that is what a new report out Wednesday claims. Gary Shirley has allegedly started spending a little too much time with the babysitter, Kelsi Bowden, during her off time and it seems to have baby Leah confused!

Radar Online originally reported the story and called it a “cheating scandal.” Of course, this isn’t entirely accurate since Amber and Gary aren’t officially together and haven’t been for awhile. Anyone that Gary may be dating doesn’t exactly constitute cheating. While the relationship itself may not be an issue (although gossip sites will make it out to be a big ordeal), the fact that three-year-old Leah is confused is certainly cause for concern.

A source said, “Not only is Leah calling another woman ‘Mommy’ – that other woman is moving in on her man. Amber is already afraid that Leah is not going to remember her once she’s released from jail.”

Initially, Gary Shirley was reluctant to Leah to visit Amber in jail, but recently told fans that he had filled out the paperwork and was planning a visit in the near future. Even though Amber will still get to see her daughter, there is no doubt that she will be concerned how Leah will react to her moms incarceration and whether or not she will forget the memories that they have made.

The source also said that Amber does not yet know about Gary Shirley spending extracurricular time with Kelsi Bowden, but that when the Teen Mom does find out, she will be “devastated.”

Gary often speaks out about rumors on Twitter (like when Amber supposedly had a prison protector named Sugar Foot), but he has not yet responded to this internet rumor yet. However, there have been pictures of him with a girl resembling Amber floating around, but Gary has adamantly denied he is single. Kelsi also have a Twitter, but keeps it private, so it is hard to know if she has spoken out against the rumors.

There is nothing wrong with Gary Shirley dating, but he should ensure that little Leah always knows Amber Portwood as mommy, even while she is in prison.

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