Amber Portwood Thinks Picking Prison Was a ‘Mistake’

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Although Amber Portwood has had her issues, no one expected the Teen Mom to flat-out choose prison over her daughter, but essentially, that is what she did. Rather than continue with a court-appointed drug program, Amber realized that she had a problem and needed some serious help and that prison was the only way to fix it. However, it looks like now she thinks she may have made a mistake.

Reportedly, her fame as a reality television show star has made her a target behind bars and, according to an insider, she is “scared for her life.” The insider went on to tell OK! Magazine, “Now that Amber’s in jail, she realizes what a mistake she’s made. She’s been having panic attacks and is convinced she’s going to die before she gets out.”

Apparently, Amber Portwood thought her prison stay would be similar to her stay in the county jail, but the two, while slightly similar, are more opposite than anything. Of course, while the Teen Mom herself may have felt that she was at her wit’s end with her drug problem and that prison was the only solution, her brother, Shawn Portwood, feels differently.

Shawn recently said, “She threw in the towel. I don’t think it was a relapse. She did it on purpose because she wanted to give up.” Although he has always been his sister’s biggest supporter, that is one of the harshest statements he has given. Of course, he has stood by her through the good and the bad and perhaps is just tired of watching her fail by her own doing.

While she may have an apparent drug problem, most people recognize that Amber needs help, but that prison may not be the best place for her. There are, however, a few bright sides to the reality show star being in the big house including working on getting her GED. Obtaining that is essential if she hopes to get a good job once she is out of prison.

Do you think Amber Portwood made the wrong choice by picking prison over the drug program?

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