Amber Portwood To Be Featured in Upcoming MTV Special

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Amber Portwood is currently behind bars and although she and the cast of Teen Mom will be back on MTV for the next two weeks for the Farewell Special and Ask The Moms features, she will be getting her own special as well.

According to a new report, MTV has announced that it will air Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special on October 9. The show will be a 30-minute interview with Dr. Drew where she will dish on what her life is like behind bars, how her daughter has been coping, and what she plans on doing when she is released.

Fans will finally get to see what Amber goes through on a daily basis and where her actions have landed her. It may be intense to watch but this is reality and what Amber is really going through needs to be shown and not sugar-coated.

Amber will also talk about her ex-boyfriend and daughter’s father, Gary Shirley as well as her own family and how her relationships have been impacted by her being behind bars. While all relationships suffer, the most upsetting would have to be her relationship with three-year-old Leah. She’s missing so many milestones and that she’ll never get back.

The special will show Amber in her most desperate situation. After struggling with addiction and crime, she is finally paying the price and while it’s disappointing to see, hopefully, it will help viewers understand consequences a little bit better.

For more on Amber Portwood, tune in to her special on Tuesday, October 9th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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