Amber Portwood to Join the Military to Pay for College

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Amber Portwood has certainly dealt with her fair share of legal drama. The Teen Mom star is currently in jail for a probation violation for missing a court ordered appointment. However, it seems as if she is ready to make a drastic change in her life.

Portwood’s brother, Shawn, recently spoke to Reality Weekly about encouraging his sister to join the military. “I’m encouraging her 100 percent all the way,” the Army veteran said.

Joining the army could be exactly what Portwood needs. She has been given a chance to change, and eventually her luck is going to run out. At the moment, she has five-year sentencing hanging over her head, and the judge was very clear that if she violated, he would be sure to make her serve the full five years. Hopefully, she’ll get one last chance.

Besides keeping Amber Portwood out of trouble, the military will also provide her financial security which will allow her to pursue her dreams of college. “I told her to hold off on college and try to get into the military, which she wants to do anyway. Then, once her service is up, she will have her college paid for, like I do right now.”

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