Amber Portwood Update: Fears She’d Have Died Had She Not Gone To Prison

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Next week, fans will get an intimate look at Amber Portwood’s life behind bars. Until then, fans had to settle for the Teen Mom farewell special which did manage to tie-up some loose ends in her story.

Amber’s casting tape was shown, and it revealed that she and Gary Shirley had always had problems. It is unlikely that, while she sat and talked to the video camera, she would have ever imagined where her life would go. The show looked back at some of the more intense moments including when she hauled off and hit Gary. This time, the network put the words “previously recorded” over the scene so that viewers would not call in and report it to the authorities like they had the first time.

These days, Amber is in prison. Gary went with her to her court hearing, and since she knew she was going to be kicked out of the court-appointed drug program (she had tested positive for an illegal substance), she beat them to the punch and took her prison time.

Gary read a letter aloud which Amber wrote, saying, “I know it’s hard to accept the fact that I’m going to prison. I feel like Leah’s starting to forget me… that I’m not there to watch her grow makes me absolutely sick. The past couple [of] years have been so f***ing nuts. I feel like no matter what I did wasn’t enough for anyone. When I go to prison, just knowing you’re in my corner makes me feel a little better… Make sure you tell Leah I love her. I feel like I’m about to break down, so I’m going to end this now. I love you always.”

It’s heart-breaking to hear those words, and Gary Shirley hopes that someone is able to take Amber’s struggles and learn from them. He says that Leah talks to her mom frequently and they are doing everything possible to ensure that the little girl does not forget her momma. Leah misses Amber a lot.

At the end of the season of Teen Mom, Gary Shirley ended up with full custody of Leah. With Amber behind bars, it is just him and the little girl. Luckily, she is doing great and is even doing dance.

Everyone from the cast wishes Amber Portwood well. Catelynn Lowell is glad that Amber did the show, and Tyler Baltierra hopes that people learn from her tragic story. Maci Bookout supports her fellow Teen Mom and says that she has helped Maci on her journey. Even Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra, admires Amber and says that the things that she had to endure would be hard even for a grown woman, let alone a teenager.

Since going to prison, Amber has lost twenty-five pounds and is doing well. She sings in the church choir and admits that, had she not picked prison, she fears that she would have died. It is scary to hear her admit this, but great to know she is working on getting better for her daughter.

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