Amber Portwood: Violent Outburst leads to Counseling, Criminal Investigation, MTV responsible?

Amber Portwood is in counseling, but is it enough? Amber Portwood, who is the star of the MTV reality show ‘Teen Mom,’ is reportedly in counseling after she had a violent outburst during a recent episode of the show. ‘Teen Mom’ has turned into ‘Anger Management.’

What happened? Amber Portwood started slapping and punching her fiancé, Gary Shirley, while the cameras were rolling and right in-front of their daughter Leah. It turns out that their youngest daughter saw the whole thing. Now that’s setting an example. This incident has set off a firestorm for the young Amber.

The show aired on September 28th, and after witnessing the footage, Child Protective Services and the police have now stepped in to investigate the whole thing.

In an interview with Radar Online, Amber’s father, Shawn, revealed that his daughter and Shirley are in counseling. “They’re going to couples counseling.” Couple’s counseling? What about anger management for his daughter?

He then goes on to place the blame on MTV: “It surprised me that it was even on TV and it was shown on TV. I don’t even think it should’ve been shown on TV, to be honest with you.” Yeah, that’s who’s to blame for getting into a fight in-front of your granddaughter; MTV should have just hid the tapes.

Does MTV have the responsibility to turn the tapes over to the police? Was MTV irresponsible for airing the fight?

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