Amber Portwood’s Brother Gets Emotional About Her Jail Stint

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Amber Portwood’s brother is having a hard time dealing with his sister being in prison. Shawn has been vocal on Twitter about how hard it is going to be for him if he decides to watch her upcoming MTV special, and now, he’s talking more about the emotional wreck he’s become over his sister’s current situation.

“When the clip of the special aired the other night I was extremely sad,” Shawn told Radar Online. “It hurt to know that she was in there and that I would not be able to see her for a minimum of two more years. I was literally brought to tears when I saw her part and the part with my mom talking about her being in jail.”

Although Amber and Shawn used to be extremely close, the two haven’t been able to communicate as much as either would like to, but for now, there isn’t much they can do. In fact, Shawn didn’t even know she filmed a special until he saw the commercial. “I had no idea that she was doing a prison special. When I saw the commercial for that I teared up even more,” he said.

“I miss being able to talk to her whenever I want although we are not as close as we used to be before the show,” he explains. “I am hoping to set up the phone account so that she can call whenever she wants.”

Amber has been behind bars for nearly 4 months so it’s odd that her phone account is still not set up. Perhaps they have to be there for a certain amount of time before they get more phone calls. Hopefully, it’ll be set up soon. Amber will surely benefit from more interaction with her family.

Amber Portwood’s special airs on MTV this Tuesday night at 10/9c.

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