Amber Portwood’s Daughter Is Looking For Her On Netflix

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Amber Portwood hasn’t seen her daughter since earlier this year because of her incarceration and the ordeal is becoming more and more stressful for her three-year-old daughter who is left wondering where her mommy is and why she hasn’t seen her.

In a desperate attempt at having contact with her mother, Leah has now began searching Netflix for old episodes of Teen Mom so she can see her.

“Leah is watching Netflix and I hear her say, I wanna see the baby, then I hear teen mom 2 start playing. This is bad,” Gary tweeted on October 10, adding, “Aww she says it must be a different one. Where mommy comes into a house she’s looking for her mommy on Netflix man oh man.”

Leah misses her mommy so much and who could blame her? Amber may not have been the best mother she could have been, but she’s all Leah knows and it’s never a good thing for such a young child to lose all contact with either parent.

Hopefully, Gary will be taking his daughter to see Amber Portwood very soon.

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