Amber Portwood’s Family Had No Idea Prison Special Was Being Filmed

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Prison is a sad and lonely place. Unfortunately, Amber Portwood is learning that the hard way.

On Monday, MTV released a preview clip of their new special which will focus on Amber behind bars. Since the catch-up special was filmed prior to Amber’s incarceration, Dr. Drew sits down with her to talk about life behind bars.

In the clip, Amber talks about her freedom and how much she misses it. Sleeping in and Starbucks are just two of the things that she used to take for granted and now wants back. However, there is something else that she misses a lot—her daughter.

Since going to prison, Amber has not yet received a visit from her three-year-old, Leah. The little girl is not barred from going to the prison to see her mom, but Gary Shirley doesn’t feel comfortable allowing her to go. In fact, he has not even told Leah that her mother is in prison! Trying to explain a five-year prison sentence to a child is hard, so Gary has simply told Leah that her mother is on vacation. Amber is obviously upset by this and feels like she “doesn’t matter.” Despite her feelings, she also understands that Gary is only trying to protect their daughter.

Fans were surprised to see that MTV had taped Amber Portwood behind bars, but they weren’t the only ones! Shawn Portwood, Amber’s older brother, recently revealed that he was also surprised to see the previews which aired during the latest Teen Mom catch up special (which also brought a few tears to his eyes).

Shawn said, “I had no idea that she was doing a prison special. When I saw the commercial for that, I teared up even more.”

Other than the clip, it is not known what will be revealed on the new special, but it looks like everyone will be in for a surprise! Will you be watching tomorrow night?

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