Amber Portwood’s Prison Life: ‘Teen Mom’ Has Made Her a Target!

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The new and final season of Teen Mom premiered Tuesday night and it set the stage for what is sure to be both an emotional and dramatic season. While it is great to see what the girls have been up to, it is especially hard to watch Amber Portwood’s harrowing story, mainly because fans know that she is behind bars. While Amber felt that prison was the best choice for her to get clean, a new report is stating that her life behind bars may have been the worst thing she could have ever done!

According to OK! Magazine, Amber is surrounded by people who are far more dangerous than her. While she is serving a five-year sentence for her drug addiction, she is reported to be housed with murderers. Not only that, but the magazine is reporting that her fame as a Teen Mom has led her to become a target behind bars.

While Amber claims to have picked prison over the intense court appointed drug program so that she could finally kick her addiction, the report claims that she is still using behind bars, and even had to undergo emergency surgery. Of course, they fail to mention what surgery she may have undergone.

Perhaps the most upsetting of the claims though, are those that involve Amber’s daughter Leah. Gary Shirley hasn’t confirmed any relationships, but he was photographed not long ago with an Amber Portwood look-alike. Now, the tab is reporting that little Leah is calling a new (unnamed) woman mommy!

While these claims are certainly troubling, are they true? Tabloids are known for “stretching the truth,” and while these claims may be based on half-truths, some seem pretty far-fetched, especially the claims concerning Leah. Gary Shirley has stepped up and is an amazing father.

He makes it a point for Leah to know her mom and, while he may indeed be dating, it is unlikely that he would be encouraging her to call another woman “mom.”

What do you think of these latest claims?

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